La Transparence & Sustainable Tourism

For us, for you, for future generations!

The project of ecoresponsible guest rooms was born in 2018 and naturally took the name of La Transparence. After more than three decades of expatriation on all continents, we return to our geographical origins in the Auvergne region of France.

Our project, to create a living space in harmony with the surrounding nature where it is good to take the time to watch time go by at its own pace. Thus was born La Transparence, a balanced mix of our encounters with distant cultures, and concepts from permaculture, eco-responsible development and sustainable tourism.

Creating an eco-responsible living space

The first pillar of the project was to create a project that would be implemented with the greatest “transparency” in its environment. Even if we were very attracted by the Japanese architectural style, it is finally towards an American “Farm house” that we turned for an implementation more in adequacy with the local landscape. To achieve this, we have chosen extremely local materials and a sustainable implementation. Thus, all the wood from the frame to the cladding comes from local forests stamped Bois des Territoires du Massif Central and certified by the PEFC label. Petit Chambois, the village where we settled is also a village of quarrymen, so it was natural for us to put the Lava of these quarries in the spotlight thanks to the collaboration of theAtelier Debuiche, a specialist in enameling on Lava in the village.

Thinking wellness

The second pillar of La Transparence is to create a bubble of serenity in harmony with the unchanging landscape of the Puys mountain range and the quiet strength of its volcanoes. Nestled in the middle of nature, the guest rooms offer an experience far from the hustle and bustle of life, but still in the heart of it all. You are free to let go and take care of yourself, don’t worry we will take care of the rest.

To do this, the space in your room provide for modern comfort and offer a subtle and discreet subtle. For a sustainable tourism the table d’hôtes offers you a variety of menus based on local gastronomy, often with a touch of foreign cuisine. The products are seasonal, sourced around the house and most often from organic agriculture. For us, the well-being of animals is as important as the one of breeder who produces it and we are proud to put forward our partners in a fair trade approach.

But this virtuous circle did not satisfy us completely, which is why we are also developing a zero waste approach to further limit our environmental footprint . Finally, to go even further in your well-being, we have hired the services of a certified relaxing massage practitioner. Once again it is in our village that we were lucky to find this skill.

Bringing the concept of sustainable tourism to life

Finally, the third pillar of La Transparence consists in putting to music this multitude of small environmental actions so that your stay becomes an experience centered on your well-being and offers you a real chance to recharge your batteries far from the hubbub of the city and its worries. This is also why we made the decision to restrict access to the property to children under the age of twelve.

We also wanted to formalize our commitment to environmental values and sustainable tourism. This is why we have initiated a Green Key labeling process to guarantee our eco-responsible ambitions.

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