Guest Table

A great moment of conviviality and sharing, the Guest table is at La Transparence a privileged moment that we invite you to share in all simplicity.
It all starts with organic products from the volcanic soil of the Chaine des Puys. Brought to maturity with passion and respect for Nature, we go to look for them as close as possible according to the principles of eco-responsible tourism. Then, we prepare them without delay to bring you all the flavor. All this without forgetting the love of cooking that comes from a long family tradition. Dishes that are good for the soul, simmered at their own pace without rushing them, on the corner of the stove…


We know how important this is, especially for our hikers guests. It is therefore quite natural that we offer a wide selection of fresh sweet and savory products. Of course the jams are home made without additives and with just the right amount of sugar. The eggs often laid the day before are prepared according to your wishes. The milk only had to cross two fields to reach us. As for the bread, most of the time, we also make it here.

Picnic basket


Even on vacation you’ll be far too busy for a lunch at our table. So we prepare on request either a picnic basket or for our hikers Guest a more compact version to slip into their backpack. But always based on fresh products, often fromorganic farming, prepared in a balanced way for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds.

Mini meringues

The little sweets

It’s not about snacking of course, but just to please your taste buds…
Always available in your room You will also find them available in the dining room. Small financiers, meringues, madeleines according to the mood of the day, but always made with love…

Stuffed cabbage


The evening Guest table is prepared with daily and seasonal products. Auvergne or world cuisine, it depends. Around the table we invite you to the journey of the taste buds but also to the discovery of the other guests. Often one of our producer friends joins us to talk about his wines or the maturing of his cheeses, but always with good humour and kindness.


After a long day of discovering the suroundings it is often difficult to leave the comfort of your room…
We have thought about it, and, on your request, we will bring you something to eat just on your private terrace in all privacy, at your own pace. Delicatessen, cheese, salads all in accordance with our love for natural and healthy products.