The small village of Narai-juku in Nagano’s prefecture, Japan, who used to be a stopover on the Nakasendo road that linked current TOKYO to KYOTO in the 17th century under the TOKUGAWA era, has kept its serenity of medieval times. Last stop before the mountainous part of the road, where small eatery shops fill the air with cooking smells and traditional inns, Ryokan, from where one could still see leaving an ancient samurai without being surprised.

It is in memory of this small traditional village frozen in time which exudes a bubbling serenity that you will find accents of Asia in this room. In blue shades, the generously sized Naraï room is an invitation to let you slip into a gentle torpor. Unless you take advantage of the rattan lounge on your private south-facing terrace and its soothing view of the garden.


I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills…

Osokonoï is an East African shrub well known to the Maasai tribes for its medicinal properties, including its soothing properties. From these long hikes in the savannah along the Mara River between Tanzania and Kenya came to us the ethnic accents of this generously sized bedroom.

In this family room with an extra large 180 cm king bed, you will find a convertible sofa bed that will allow you to sleep comfortably a third person.

The private terrace facing south will allow you to enjoy the view of the garden comfortably seated in its outdoor lounge.


The leaf of this tree which from the Orient is entrusted to my garden offers a hidden meaning which charms the initiate.


In Asia, the Ginkyô maidenhair tree, also called Ginkgo, is the symbol of love, a sign of growth, prosperity, charm and tranquility. Well known to traditional medicines for its calming properties, this oldest tree on the planet has quite naturally become the symbol of this room with soothing tones and generous dimensions.

The Ginkgo room invites you to follow the rhythm of this tree’s growth and enjoy the passing of time, whether in its indoor living room or on the private terrace facing south and facing the garden.


Magnificent tree with its aerial roots that descend from its bushy crown to the ground becoming trunks and its heart-shaped leaves, the Banyan has always had a privileged place in the imagination of the first peoples. Tree of the ancestors in Oceania, it connects the world of spirits to the world of the living. In Asia it is venerated for having housed the meditations of the Buddha. It is also known as the tree of knowledge or wisdom.

The Banyan room therefore draws its “boho chic” wood and rattan atmosphere in which you will let yourself be carried away into a world of daydreams.

In this room you have the choice of sleeping between two large single beds of 90 cm or a large King size bed of 180 cm. Remember to let us know your preference in your booking the comment zone.

A private covered terrace facing south with a view of the garden and its small lounge complete this generously sized suite.