The small village of Narai-juku in Nagano’s prefecture, Japan, who used to be a stopover on the Nakasendo road that linked current TOKYO to KYOTO in the 17th century under the TOKUGAWA era, has kept its serenity of medieval times. Last stop before the mountainous part of the road, where small eatery shops fill the air with cooking smells and traditional inns, Ryokan, from where one could still see leaving an ancient samurai without being surprised.

It is in memory of this small traditional village frozen in time which exudes a bubbling serenity that you will find accents of Asia in this room. In blue shades, the generously sized Naraï room is an invitation to let you slip into a gentle torpor. Unless you take advantage of the rattan lounge on your private south-facing terrace and its soothing view of the garden.


Prices start at: 147 per night (+taxes and fees)


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